Terms of participation

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Terms of participation

The company SIMEONIDIS TOURS has full responsibility for the correct execution of the itineraries carried out by itself as well as by the collaborating offices.
Please each passenger carefully read the following General Conditions of Participation, which constitute an integral part of the travel contract, and the information, before proceeding to purchase any ticket from our company. Participation in any trip with our travel agency requires the customer's unreserved acceptance of the General Conditions of Participation.
In case of need, you can contact our company SIMEONIDIS TOURS, 26IS OKTOVRIOU 14, tel.: 2310540970, e-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

terms of participation

General Tourism Office with the Name "SIMEONIDIS TOURS" in Thessaloniki, 26IS OCTOVRIOU 14, EOT: 0933Ε60000080700.

You are the traveler participating in one of our travel programs either with an organized trip or on your own or as a member or with your friendly group, association, company, etc. Your participation in our travel program entails the unconditional acceptance of these conditions of participation.

3.1 You can buy a ticket if you are over 18 years old. Otherwise, for your participation in a trip, you must provide us with a responsible declaration from both guardians and in any case from those exercising parental care, that they allow you to participate, and each one must be considered with the original signature.
3.2 Reservations and ticket purchases are made either online, by email, or from our physical offices. Reservation of the seat presupposes payment of the ticket and acceptance of the specific conditions of participation.
3.3 Registrations are accepted up to a few hours before the departure of the trip, if the available seats have not already been filled.
3.4 Every traveler can participate in the trips organized by our office only if he pays the prescribed amount for the trip. There is no advance payment option.
3.5 In the event that the reservation was not made by the traveler who will travel but through a third party, the person who made the reservation undertakes to follow all the procedures defined by our office with the present conditions of participation. Any information given to the traveler by the third party that is not related to the data of our trip, is his responsibility and our office is not responsible for what the traveler was not properly informed about his trip.
3.6 Tickets are a single ticket of transport. Tickets without the office stamp are not valid.
3.7 Single tickets are valid for the day and route issued and are not transferable to another person.

4.1 The office reserves the right to adjust the price when the cost factors change.
4.2 Children from 0-12 years may have a discount on ticket prices.
4.3 Some tickets also offer special prices to students (domestic & foreign) with the presentation of a pass.
4.4 In some tickets, the disabled ticket category is available, with the required presentation of a disability card by the customer.

5.1 The company SIMEONIDIS TOURS has full responsibility for the correct execution of the itinerary. The agency makes every effort to meet travelers' expectations and has an obligation to coordinate and execute in the best possible way the trips available to travelers.
The office is not responsible for extraordinary situations such as delays at the border or prohibition of passage through areas due to strikes, acts of terrorism, pandemics, etc. or other extraordinary factors.
5.2 The company SIMEONIDIS TOURS reserves the right to modify, interrupt, postpone or cancel the itineraries without any liability for the payment of any claim.
5.3. Before, but also during the trip, the office has the right to make changes if any extraordinary event or force majeure is to be faced (weather conditions, declaration or threat of war, revolutions, political disturbances, strikes, accidents, extremist actions, technical traffic obstructions, any damages). In these cases all extraordinary expenses, except those of repatriation, are borne by the travelers.
5.4 Compensations for any damage or loss of luggage are paid in accordance with the applicable provisions.
5.5 The company does not accept responsibility for damage to hand luggage.

6.1 Participation in a trip implies appropriate social behavior and understanding towards fellow travelers and organizers (companions).
6.2 The traveler is responsible for arriving on time at the meeting places. In case of delay and inconsistency of the traveler that leads to the loss of provision of the trip, he is not entitled to a refund.
6.3 The traveler is responsible for providing correct personal information during the booking process.
6.4 All foreign travelers are required to have a valid travel document. The traveler must obtain the necessary information through the competent Greek or foreign consular authorities for the issuance of the necessary visas and travel documents. The office cannot know the required documents of each traveler and bears no responsibility if there is an inability to issue them. In the event that a problem occurs while crossing the border, the office bears no responsibility, no refunds and no other compensation obligations, as the incident is the fault of the traveler.
6.5 Each passenger is responsible for the contents of their luggage before the administrative and customs authorities.
6.6 Goods cannot be transported.
6.7 Each passenger may carry up to 2 pieces of luggage with a total weight of 20 kg. (concerns bus lines)
6.8 Each passenger is responsible for his personal belongings and in the event of their loss, the office bears no responsibility.
6.9 The passenger is required to have tags with his full details placed on the luggage.

7.1 Refund requests are accepted no later than 48 hours before the departure of the itinerary and only from the office that issued the ticket. In any other case, the right to refund is lost.
7.2 It is not possible to transfer the ticket to another person. Each ticket is nominal.
7.3 A request to change the travel date can be made at least 48 hours before the respective trip with the possibility that a special fee may be requested. In the case of an (OPEN) return ticket, the carrier is not obliged to transport the passenger if he has not confirmed his reservation 48 hours before the trip.

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